Advantages of Sapir medical clinic

You get 100% reliable and extensive support for treatment in Israel


1. Our customers trust and recommend us

90% of our patients apply to us based on recommendations. People trust us with their health, which is priceless and valued above all else. We justify their confidence entirely.

2. You will be treated by the most highly qualified doctors

All the best specialists from our country’s leading private and state medical centers work with us. You will be looked after by a doctor who can and will really help you.

3. Optimum Survey Plan and Treatment Scheme

Together with your doctor in charge, we will design an optimal diagnostic circuit and treatment plan for you. Only the most modern equipment will be used and only the most necessary tests will be performed. A lot of progress will be made within the shortest possible time.

4. Proper Prices and Complete Certainty

Not everything expensive is good and not everything good is expensive. We will lower your costs without any negative effect on the results. Everything will be agreed upon and taken into consideration.

5. A Quick Solution to Your Issue

We will make contact with you within 2 hours, discuss the individual testing and treatment plan with your doctor in charge, and send it to you within two days. After this, we will quickly arrange your trip to Israel.  

6. 24-hour Contact with Your Doctor

You will be able to contact your doctor around the clock during your trip to Israel and after returning to your home country.  

7. 100% Comfort and Peace of Mind

We will surround you with regular care and attention and provide you with the level of comfort you really need, including VIP-service to the required extent, such as:

  • Meeting you at the airport at the representative level;
  • Providing an S-class car for your entire stay in Israel;
  • Simultaneous support of 2 guides;
  • Check-in at a deluxe hotel;
  • Arrangement of individual trips based on special programs.
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