Surgery in Israel

Surgery in Israel

Surgical diseases are diseases which cannot be resolved without major or minor surgical intervention. There are a few dozen such diseases, not including congenital defects and tumours.

Modern surgery in Israel provides the highest level of treatment for all surgical diseases without exception, regardless of their causes, nature and degree of complexity.

Moreover, the rate of positive outcomes of surgery in Israel is almost 100% and it is one of the highest rates in the world.

 Advantages of surgery in Israel

  •  Specialists with a guaranteed high level of professional qualifications, deep fundamental knowledge and a wealth of practical experience;
  • revolutionary robotic technologies and advanced surgical equipment, allowing up to 90% of surgical interventions to be performed according to minimally invasive protocols;
  • excellent training and professional responsibility of surgical medical personnel, continued attention and day and night care for patients;
  • use of a personally tailored approach in the treatment of surgical diseases, with the application of new clinical developments and unique techniques during surgical interventions;
  • modern equipment for surgical departments with the presence of advanced instrumentation and functionally adapted wards for postoperative patients;
  • all conditions for comfortable rest and recovery.

The competence of Israel's surgeons includes the successful treatment of:

GI diseases (abdominal surgery):

  • calculous cholecystitis;
  • divertiсulosis of the stomach and intestine;
  • hernias: umbilical, inguinal, preventing infringement;
  • gastric and duodenal ulcers, correction of perforation;
  • Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, haemorrhoids;
  • appendicitis, pancreatitis, cirrhosis of the liver;
  • liver abscess parasitic and other etiology;
  • pyloroduodenal stenosis, as well as the effects of chemical and mechanical injury of the oesophagus, stomach;
  • malformations of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • extraction of foreign bodies from the stomach and proximal segments of the small intestine;
  • diagnosis and surgical treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • other surgical interventions, including GI tumours. 

Diseases of the chest (thoracic surgery):

  • chronic abscess of lung, pulmonary gangrene;
  • sarcoidosis, echinococcosis, etc.;
  • lung cyst;
  • malformation of the bronchopulmonary system;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • diaphragmatic hernia;
  • narrowing of the trachea;
  • bronchopulmonary tumours.

 Diseases of organs of the retroperitoneal space:

  • pyonephrosis and hydronephrosis, paranephritis; 
  • nephrolithiasis;
  • hypernephroma and other tumours of kidney and perirenal space;
  • neoplasms;
  • effects of closed injuries with damage of retroperitoneal space tissue.

 Surgical treatment of other diseases in Israel

  • Bariatric treatment of obesity: all options for gastroplasty (gastric bypass, gastric banding, etc.), intra-gastric balloon integration;
  • treatment of varicose veins, trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis, obliterating endarteritis;
  • modern treatment of any other diseases, requiring surgical intervention.

In Israel you will be provided with highly qualified medical care from first class surgeons in the following departments:

You will also undergo a special rehabilitation course for early recovery and the restoration of a good quality of life.

 Our surgeons:

Professor Micha Rabau, Head of department of colorectal surgery at Ichilov Hospital, proctologist with grandiose experience of the surgical treatment of ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, and haemorrhoids.

Doctor Peter Langer, surgeon of the highest class, senior physician of Wolfson Children's Hospital and elite Israeli "Assa Medical" centre, a specialist in abdominal surgery.

And others.

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