Diagnostic in Israel

Diagnostic in Israel

Diagnostic in Israel

More than 100 high-precision laboratory methods and functional studies allow for your body’s actual status to be identified in a few days.

Diagnostic evaluations in Israel enable you:

  • to timely detect a threat to your health and therefore prevent the progression of disease and the development of its aggravated forms;
  • to find (and timely eliminate) the true cause of illness, overall deterioration in the health-related quality of your life, as well as latent ailments that can cause serious illness in the future;
  • to perform effective prevention of "age-related" diseases after the ages of 40-45 years old;
  • to assess the degree of functional and/or structural impairments caused by known disorders of internal organs and body systems (history of heart attack, stroke, trauma, etc.) and quickly initiate appropriate treatment and rehabilitation;
  • to prevent or significantly reduce the likelihood of hereditary diseases.

You can undergo all required examinations in the shortest time, starting from 2 days. If you are travelling to Israel on business, for holidays at the seaside or to visit historic spots, take a few days for your health and you will be able to avoid many problems in the future.

Basic diagnostic programs

Gold Check Up Program

This diagnostic profile is predominantly preventive in nature, and therefore, includes the most informative laboratory and functional examinations designed for subjectively healthy people:

  1. anthropometric tests to identify the presence or risk of metabolic syndrome, among others;
  2. detailed blood and urine tests with a full spectrum of indicators of the functional state of all vital organs and systems, including the circulatory, digestive, urogenital and endocrine systems;
  3. functional testing of lung and bronchus (spirometry), as well as chest X-ray;
  4. bioelectric cardiac study (ECG by standard and extra leads);
  5. ocular exam (ophthalmoscopy) and early diagnosis of glaucoma and cataracts (fundoscopy, measurement of intraocular pressure, testing of visual acuity);

Program for men over 40

This diagnostic profile in Israel allows you to timely detect dangerous changes in the prostate gland, heart, blood vessels, lungs, and large intestine, which are high-risk organs in men of this age. Diagnostic evaluations in Israel for men over 40 years old include:

  • PSA blood testing;
  • blood homocysteine levels testing;
  • virtual coronarography;
  • virtual colonoscopy;
  • ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis;
  • stress ECG tests (bicycle ergometry, treadmill test);
  • low-level radiation CT.

Program for women over 40

Diagnostic evaluation in Israel allows women to preserve their health for many years. The special program for women over 40 years old is focused on early detection and risk reduction for age-related female diseases. The diagnostic process includes:

  • gynecological examination, sampling and analysis of smear (Pap Smear);
  • transvaginal ultrasonography;
  • mammography;
  • evaluation of osteoporosis (densitometry);
  • testing of homocysteine levels;
  • virtual colonoscopy;
  • estimation of risk of cardiovascular events (virtual coronarography, bicycle ergometry, treadmill test);
  • Low-level radiation CT.

Computed diagnostics and tomography

Spiral computed tomography (CT) and multilayer computed tomography (MSCT) with and without contrast enhancement, as well as MRI, allow you to thoroughly evaluate the functional and physical state of all body tissues, to visualize the functioning of internal organs and to identify minimal functional and structural changes.

CT and MRI can reveal mass lesions in the early stages, haemorrhage and cerebral infarct in strokes, the integrity of internal organs, abnormal foci in systemic lesions, etc. CT and MRI in Israel are performed using ultramodern devices providing diagnostic results of excellent accuracy.

Endoscopic diagnostic studies

Endoscopic studies in Israel are performed with maximum comfort for the patient, which is possible due to use of advanced techniques and high-tech endoscopes with high flexibility, ergonomic shape and extra small diameter and highest information gain as well. Endoscopic diagnostic process in Israel also includes innovative capsule and virtual methods.

Ultrasound studies

Ultrasound studies of internal organs in Israel are performed exclusively using devices of expert class, allowing not only to identify the problem, but also to evaluate the extent and nature of the abnormalities.

Virtual coronarography

This method of diagnostic evaluation in Israel provides comprehensive information about your coronary vessels, and also allows us to estimate the risk of a heart attack. The main advantage of this method is its non-invasiveness related to the vessels of the heart.


Both conventional and virtual methods of examination of the large intestine are available in Israel. In any case, the procedure will be performed with maximum comfort for patient. This study can find polyps, as well as colon cancer at a very early stage.


Equipment with very low levels of radiation is used in Israel to evaluate the breasts. It's a safe opportunity to obtain comprehensive information on the health of your breasts.

Evaluation of bone density

This evaluation aims to identify and prevent osteoporosis, which is especially important for pre-menopausal and menopausal women.

You will be fully examined by a general physician, interpreting test results and issuing an advisory conclusion, before and after diagnostic evaluation in Israel.

In the case that an additional consultation by a doctor of a particular specialty is needed, Sapir medical clinic will quickly arrange it on a convenient day during your current stay in Israel. It is very convenient both practically and economically.

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