Oncology in Israel

Oncology in Israel

Oncology in Israel

Sapir medical clinic provides treatment of cancer by the most experienced oncologists in Israel, at the best, specialised departments of government and private clinics in Israel

According to WHO: the highest percentage of cancer survivors is in Israel, both among the local population and medical tourists from other countries, visiting Israel for treatment. Such leadership is the result of an unconventional approach to the treatment of cancer patients. The basis of the treatment of oncological patients in Israel is to provide tools and opportunities to take control of the existing form of cancer and to use all of the methods available in Israel and to the patient to prolong life and improve its quality. The main objectives of oncology treatment in Israel include:

  • growth suppression and reduction of tumour size up to its complete destruction by conservative methods;
  • removal of the tumour (with surrounding tissue and lymph nodes or only with lymphoid ring);
  • improvement of body’s immune status and engagement of patient's own strength in the suppression of tumour growth;
  • strengthening the cardiovascular, endocrine, central nervous and other systems of the body to enhance internal resources in the fight with the disease.

Sapir medical clinic provides:

  • A selection of clinics, completely satisfying your needs as a patient.
  • Selection of a doctor with the best experience in treating your form of cancer.
  • Development of an individual plan of diagnostics, therapeutic and rehabilitation measures.
  • Innovative approaches to laboratory and instrumental studies.
  • Correct diagnosis.
  • Non-stop monitoring of treatment outcomes.
  • Innovative methods of cancer treatment using target technology and vector-based anticancer drugs with minimal side effects.
  • Ultramodern equipment for radiotherapy.
  • Palliative treatment of cancer, prolonging life and significantly improving its quality.

Most forms of known cancer types may be treated in Israel:

  • cancer of breast, uterus, ovaries;
  • prostate cancer;
  • kidney cancer, bladder cancer;
  • cancer of the stomach, intestine, pancreas and other digestive organs;
  • cancer of the respiratory system;
  • melanoma of skin, soft tissues, bones;
  • thyroid cancer;
  • brain tumours;
  • neoplastic diseases of the blood.

The spectrum of cancer types, which can be treated by medical specialists in Israel expands year by year. Israel's specialists are high on the list of the number of patients who have recovered in the treatment of benign tumours.

Cancer diagnostic evaluation

Evaluations of patients who come to us are carried out to the extent that is required for each individual case. If there are "fresh" results indisputable to our specialists, the patient will undergo a minimum amount of diagnostic procedures, including:

  • complete blood count and biochemical blood test with evaluation of informative tumour markers, urinalysis;
  • CT or PET/CT for the detection of possible metastases.

Additional examinations should be performed in the case of possibly unreliable results or if the patient provides "obsolete" results. All diagnostic evaluation is performed using modern equipment and takes the minimum amount of time.

Methods of cancer treatment in Israel


  • endoscopic minimally invasive treatment;
  • endoscopic microsurgery;
  • robot-assisted technology (da Vinci, etc.);
  • stereotactic radiosurgery (Gamma Knife);
  • INTRABEAM technologies;
  • laser surgery;
  • open definitive surgery;
  • organ-sparing surgical interventions;
  • palliative surgery.


  • radiotherapy: brachytherapy, NOVALIS, IMR, IORT, SBRT, SIRT, IGRT technologies;
  • target-therapy with testing of BRAF, KRAS, EGFR mutations;
  • modern chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy;
  • biological therapy;
  • palliative care.

A personally tailored program of treatment and rehabilitation is developed for every patient.

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